Met melkmannen is klant-zijn leuk!

Blog 2 Irene: serie over ”the milkman principle”

Met melkmannen is klant-zijn leuk! www.customermatch.nlThe milkman principle 2:

Met melkmannen is klant-zijn leuk!

Met mijn passie voor klantdenken, klantbehoeften en mijn werk “customermatch making” schrijf ik mijn blogserie over “the milkman principle”. Het onderwerp is ditmaal hoe leuk of juist niet-leuk het is om klant te zijn in het post melkmannen tijdperk. In het verlengde daarvan – natuurlijk – wat je als klant echt vrolijk maakt.

De melkman mijn klantgerichte held!

De melkman mijn klantgerichte held!

milkman principle - Melkman Principe - Irene Gortendorst - www.customermatch.nlThe milkman principle 1:

Met mijn passie voor klant denken, klantbehoeften en mijn werk “customermatch making” start ik mijn blogserie over “the milkman principle”.

Voorbeeld van klantgerichtheid

De melkman is mijn grote voorbeeld als we het hebben over klantgerichtheid.
Hij wilde altijd alles weten.
En handelde naar de kennis, die hij had. Graag leg ik dat uit.

Steve Gurley – A Fight For Eyeballs –

Steve Gurley – A Fight For Eyeballs 

Steve Gurley

The birth of a revolutionary new mobile ecosystem only three years ago radically changed the way individuals engaged with technology, with one another and the world around them.

Ernst & Young – This time it’s personal: from consumer to co-creator

Ernst & Young Report_this_time_its_personalConsumers are harder to define, understand and please than ever before. Digital technology is altering not only how, where and when consumers shop, but is transforming their expectations of, and interactions with, all suppliers — from retailers and manufacturers to governments and utilities. This upheaval has come so fast that many organizations are struggling to adapt their business models to keep up with the evolving demands of consumers and the escalating potential of technology. And one thing is clear: the future will be no less turbulent. To get a clear picture of the new consumer and offer solutions to how organizations can keep pace with their shifting needs, in 2011, Ernst & Young conducted an extensive international survey.

Brandwatch Report Customer Service Index / 2012

We are pleased to release the results of the 2012 Customer Service Index, the second of our annual reports detailing brand customer service performance on the social web.

The findings – including an increase in downbeat posts compared to the previous year – show an ongoing shift towards resolving complaints online. But as some brands embrace online customer service, others are inadequately prepared for the modern consumer.

To cast your eyes over the full 2012 Customer Service Index, click here.

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