Brands are ignoring advice offered by consumers in Twitter & Facebook – Report

// are ignoring advice offered by consumers on Twitter and Facebook, according to a YouGov survey released today that was commissioned by social media monitoring company Brandwatch.

Social media platforms have quickly grown as the place where consumers like to vent their spleen or take brands to task when they feel that something is not right. But it’s not all whining for the sake of it.

The online study, which questioned over 2,000 British consumers on brand interaction, found that half of respondents actually complain because they want companies to learn from their mistakes. If you’re faced with the wrath of angry consumers this might not be your first reaction, but there’s some method in the madness.

The study found that contrary to the idea that  people complain on these platforms to publicly embarrass brands, only 17 per cent said they take their qualms online for this reason.

The survey ran in conjunction with the Customer Service Index (CSI) 2012, Brandwatch’s annual report into social media customer service. Unfortunately it seems that learning is slow with many brands and they’re just not picking up the pace with online social interaction.

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